Lesson FAQs

What do riders wear?

  • Hard soled boots with a drop down heel. No tennis shoes, sandals or wedge shoe.
  • Long Pants, blue jeans or riding breeches.  No shorts or capri pants.
  • An ASTM-SEI approved helmet. Rattle Run Farms, LLC has helmets available during lessons. However, we recommend that you purchase your own helmet.

What happens if the weather conditions are bad?

  • We have an indoor arena as well as an outdoor arena. Lessons are not interrupted in most weather conditions. However, if there is an ice storm, tornado warning or extreme cold, lessons will be cancelled and rescheduled. Students are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing for the barn.

What if the child is sick?

  • Lessons are scheduled by either 5 or 6-week sessions. There are no refunds for missed lessons. The only exception to this rule is if the instructor has to cancel a lesson, in which case the lesson will be rescheduled.

Can I change lessons after scheduling?

  • Only if the instructor has another available slot suitable for the rider.

Are parents allowed to stay and watch?

  • Yes, we encourage parents/family members to watch and learn. However, we ask that you refrain from talking to the riders during the lesson.
  • Parents are responsible for keeping siblings and/or guests from shouting, climbing in unauthorized areas, running in the aisles, or distracting the lesson in general. This is distracting for the students and the instructor.

Can we bring are own grooming supplies?

  • Yes, Just ask Instructor for list.

How long is a lesson?

  • Lessons are one hour. This includes grooming, tacking horses/pony, riding and untacking. We cannot hold lessons for late students. If a rider is late, they will not be able to ride. However, observing a lesson can be very beneficial to a rider and is highly recommended. Lessons sometimes run behind schedule due to unforeseen reasons.  Please be flexible.

Will the student be riding a horse or pony?

  • Students will be matched up according to the horse or pony that best suits them at the discretion of the instructor.

How many riders are in a class?

  • Maximum class size is 6 riders.

How old do you have to be to take lessons?

  • Minimum age of rider is 5 years old and will be evaluated by an instructor.

Can we feed and or pet the other horses, ponies and/or dogs?

  • Ask before feeding or petting any animal. Only after a lesson are horses allowed any treats.

Will students be riding English or Western?

  • Beginner riders will ride Western. As the rider progresses and at the discretion of the instructor, students can ride English.

Do you offer private lessons?

  • Private lessons are only scheduled through the instructor.

Additional Information

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