Example of a First Lesson

Don’t be surprised if much of your first lesson is spent on the ground! Horses and Ponies are unpredictable animals and the instructor will spend time teaching you about the correct handling of them. After safety explanation, riders learn how to halter and lead a horse. The proper way to groom a horse and what brushes to use and why to use them. When the rider has finished brushing the horse, the instructor assigns all tack to each rider and horse. After learning how to tack the horse, riders then lead the horse to the arena. There the rider is taught about safety while in the arena setting, the correct way to mount and the basics of sitting on a horse and using reins properly. Then they dismount and lead the horse back to the grooming stalls. Riders untack the horse and put the tack away correctly. To finish the lesson the rider grooms the horse one more time and gives the horse a treat.

Additional Information

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